New flash effects available!

Dot Transition Effect **free**

Flash Dots Transition Effect

Moving Morph Effect

Flash Moving Morph Effect

Blured Diamonds Effect **free**

Flash Blured Diamonds Effect

Moving Boxes Effect **free**

Flash Moving Boxes Effect

Flush Effect

Flash Flush Effect

Spin Tiles 3D Effect

Flash Spin Tiles 3D Effect

Tile Twist Effect

Flash Tile Twist Effect


Flash effects now available as Banner Edition

The guys from just announced, that all AS2 effect component are now available as ‘Banner Edition’. This means smaller file size and tested with the big banner networks. The complete news here…

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Even more cool flash effects available!

Smoke Effect, Drip Transition Effect, Burning Paper Effect, Splash Transition Effect, Wipe Transition Effect, Flying Tile Effect, Shuffle Transition Effect, Dream Sequence Effect. These are the new flash components from Check them out here:

Smoke Effect

Flash Smoke Effect | View Tutorial

Drip Transition Effect

Flash Drip Effect | View Tutorial

Burning Paper Effect

Flash Burning Paper | View Tutorial

Splash Transition Effect **free**

Flash Splash Transition Effect | View Tutorial

Wipe Transition Effect **free**

Flash Wipe Transition | View Tutorial

Flying Tile Effect

Flash Tile 3D Effect | View Tutorial

Shuffle Transition Effect

Flash Shuffle Effect | View Tutorial

Dream Sequence Effect

Flash Dream Transition Effect | View Tutorial

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New Flash Tutorial Site launched: / Cool Flash Effect Tutorials

We just launched a tutorial site specialized on visual effects, transition effects and other eye candy stuff for flash.

Cool Flash Effect Tutorials –

Click here to view the following tutorials:

Create water ripple mouse follow
Create water reflection effect with animation
Create fire effect with mouse sensitivity
Create mask transition animation slideshow
Create magnifier mouse follow
Create TV transition image slideshow

We will have a cool theme for the blog, as soon as we find one… :)

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New cool flash effect components available!

Fire Flame Effect, Fold Transition Effect, Cube Transition Effect, Iris Transition Effect and Cut Transition Effect. These are the new flash components from Check them out here:

Fire Flame Effect

Online Demo | Buy Online | Free trial

Fold Transition Effect

Online Demo | Buy Online

Cube Transition Effect

Online Demo | Buy Online

Iris Transition Effect **free**

Online Demo | Download

Cut Transition Effect **free**

Online Demo | Download

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Effect components now support video!

The effect components from now support video. Read more here:

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The wait is over!

Our effect components are finally available for AS3. They have the same features as the ones for AS2 so they just as simple to use as before.

If you are ordering the AS2 version now, you will get 50% off the AS3 version. This way you can save money and be prepared for future upgrades.

To celebrate the release, we are offering 20% discount on all filters including the bundle product. This offer applies to AS3 and AS2 versions and is valid until the 31st January 2008.

To claim your discount, use this code when ordering: AS3-Party

Check it at

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Following news from

We are pleased to announce that all effect components are now available as free trail versions. You can use those trail versions for an unlimited amount of time and there is no registration required so you can fully experience the amazing results you can achieve using our flash filters.

Check it out:

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Hi there,

Five new effects are available on now. We took your suggestions and extended the our product range to include the following Flash components:

- Tile Transition Effect
- Heat Haze Effect
- Waving Flag Effect
- Drain Transition Effect
- Get it now for only EUR 89.99!

The Team

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My first AIR (Apollo) Application: Cheap Clock 1.0 (with Sourcecode)

Finally i had the time to play around with Adobe Apollo. Just like like the guys from adobe said, it is as easy as working with Flex. For those of you, who – just like me – making the first steps in apollo, the example can become pretty handy.

The example includes the following features:

  • setting up none crome application
  • display time (with Date and Bindable)
  • resize application (screenResolutionX, screenResolutionY, Stage)
  • position application (Stage)
  • move application (startMove)
  • custom context menu (ContextMenu, ContextMenuItem, ContextMenuEvent)
  • close application (Shell)

Apollo Runtine
Cheap Clock 1.0
Cheap Clock 1.0 Sourcecode

Watch out, more things to come… :)

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